Ebba Ågren
The Comfort Zone - Part One

The Comfort Zone - Part One

100 SEK
“The Comfort Zone” is a photographic project exploring comfort and happiness among Swedish youth. In the society of today there is a stigma around mental illness and feeling sad. There is not a lot of people that are eager to talk openly about their feelings, especially when it involves feelings of anxiety and sadness.

I want to change how we talk about our mental health, and instead asked the four people I’ve portrayed in this project “what makes you happy?”. Instead of talking about their anxieties, they got to talk about what makes them feel better. It seemed to be easier for people to open up when my questions for them focused more on the positive.

In this part of the project we follow Peter, Emma, Michel and Johanna, talking about their place of comfort and their thoughts on well-being.

48 color pages, adhesive binding, packaged in a cellophane bag.